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Be amazed by the what you can create using SUNGHUE chilli sauce. Try these super easy and delicious recipes for yourself. Your family and friends will love them! With the different spice levels to choose from, you can create simple enjoyable budget meals for any occasion every day. STORE LOCATOR ONLINE SHOP


SUNGHUE chilli sauce is an amazingly versatile chilli sauce made from a mix of quality ingredients. It is great as a dipping sauce or marinade, can be used for stir frying or cooking or simply added to pre prepared dishes and noodle soups for supreme flavour and added spice. SUNGHUE chilli sauce aims to make…


      SUNGHUE chilli sauce and its company were established in Melbourne Australia.  The creator of SUNGHUE chilli sauce was a first-generation Vietnamese born migrant who relocated her family to Australia during the Vietnam War.  Her busy life and a great passion for cooking, led her to invent this amazing chilli sauce to enable…


BENEFITS OF EATING CHILLI It is believed that eating chilli offers a range of health benefits. For example, it has been suggested that they are great sources of vitamin C to build up the immune system and vitamin A to benefit the eyes. It is also thought that there is potassium, magnesium and iron to…