It is believed that eating chilli offers a range of health benefits. For example, it has been suggested that they are great sources of vitamin C to build up the immune system and vitamin A to benefit the eyes. It is also thought that there is potassium, magnesium and iron to help regulate and maintain bodily functions.

Many B vitamins especially vitamin B6, are also present in chilli peppers which are also important for metabolism and general health.

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Interesting Chilli Facts – Did you know…..?

• Chilli a type of capsicum belongs to the Solanaceae family which is also
related to egg plant, tomato and potato.
• Chilli is packed with a range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which make it great for you.
• Chilli can come in all shapes, sizes and heat intensity but in general, the
smaller the chilli the greater the heat intensity.
• Chilli seeds are not the hottest part of a chilli, but the white membranes that
surrounds the seeds on the inside.
• Fresh red chillies are two to three times hotter than green and dried chillies are between two and ten hotter than fresh chillies.
• Fresh chillies can be stored in the freezer for months and used as required.
• Chilli peppers may assist in weight loss by reducing cravings for sweet and
high fat foods and by increasing metabolic rate.
• There are about 400 varieties of chillies grown today.
• Chilli originated in native Americas and its consumption dates as far back as 7500BC.
• It has been suggested that the chilli chemical which cause the heat in your
mouth can be lessened with fats or alcohol. Rather than water, you may get
relief with a glass of milk, spoonful of yogurt or alcohol.

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